Destination weddings always have the best ceremonies. Something about having a such a small group of people in a beautiful and intimate setting. People who love you so much that they would fly across the world to celebrate your love.

The day was relaxed. When Tony and I arrived at Cait & Joe’s hotel rooms, everyone was in great spirits and ready for an unforgettable day. As the sun began to drop deeper in the evening sky, we hopped on a tiny boat at the resort and they bought us over to the private island. There was white sand under our bare feet, flamingos roaming through the ceremony, and the sound of waves crashing in the distance. There were no seats at this ceremony. Instead, all of the guests stood in two lines to form the ‘aisle’ that the wedding party walked down, and when the ceremony began, everyone surrounded the Cait and Joe in a circle as they promised each other forever.

It was an honor traveling across the world to capture your day, Cait and Joe. Thank you for trusting me to tell your story.

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