In 2022, we decided to close the doors to our studio and simply enjoy our home as a home.

If you’re reading this, thank you for your interest in renting my studio!

As our photography studio is connected to our home, we have made the difficult decision to close the doors to our photography studio in July of 2022!

The last year has presented a lot of changes in our family with different business ventures, and most importantly adding our baby girl to our family! With our studio being attached to our home, we’ve decided that it’s time to close our doors and simply enjoy our home as a home – and not a rental – while Blakely grows up!

I would love to provide a couple of different options that I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a new space to rent!

RK Luxury Studio, Maple Grove:
Studio Apparatus, St Paul:
Studio 130, Minneapolis:
The Doll House, Taylors Falls:

Thank you so much for understanding our situation and respecting our decision to close our doors!

Cheers to life’s adventures!

Kate + Tony Becker

For any other inquiries, please contact Kate directly at