Sweet sweet Bonnie and Shae! I am so happy I met you when I was in Washington last month!

I was in Washington visiting my long distance best friend, Tonie, and we had planned on doing a shoot of her and her husband in the mountains. Sadly, that plan quickly folded when sweet Tonie and her baby Hastings got super sick in the middle of the night the night before our shoot! Tonie was teaching a workshop the next day and needed her rest, so I took the keys to her jeep and set out on an adventure to do a little exploring by myself! Little did I know, Tonie felt so bad about being sick and having to cancel the shoot, that she contacted her friend who contacted a bunch of other friends to see if she could find someone who was available for a quick session while I was out exploring! I got a call from a Washington number while I was driving to Snoqualmie Falls and decided I better answer it (which is really unusual for me because I screen all of my calls, ha!).  It was Tonie’s friend Alica, who told me she found someone who was available, they just had to find a baby sitter and they would be on their way! I was floored that someone would drop everything they were doing on a Saturday afternoon to meet a stranger in the mountains for a photo shoot!! But of course, Bonnie is a photographer herself, so she just gets it and  I am SO HAPPY they said yes. We had a great time walking around Rattlesnake Lake and getting to know each other, hearing about their sweet babies back home and how Shae grew up in Montana. It was also Bonnie’s birthday the next day, so what better way to celebrate your birthday than with a impromptu photo shoot!? Bonnie and Shae, thank YOU for taking a chance on me that Saturday afternoon and letting a complete stranger from Minnesota take your photos! 🙂

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