I knew when Grace contacted me to do a photo shoot for her company, The Bali Market, that our styles would compliment each other so well and we would be able to create something beautiful together! We had so much fun running around the house taking photos of our gorgeous mama models and their babies! If you haven’t checked out their new website, I highly recommend checking it out and grabbing yourself some turkish towels!

I brought a few with me to Aruba and they were perfect for vacation since they were so lightweight and easy to pack. Not only are they useful as towels when you hop out of the ocean, but they are also perfect for covering up when you are cold, sitting on for a picnic, as a cover up, plane blanket, and even a blanket scarf!

It’s really sweet to see how these towels are hand made in Turkey, and Grace works closely with the artisans to get a product that is well worth the investment, and looks so adorable on display in your home.

Also, shout out to our adorable mommy-model, Brie, who posted about the experience on her blog, Swank and Dapper! Click here to see her post! 

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