There is this saying I love, “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal, and an adventure.”

I would have to say this pretty much sums up our entire trip to Italy. We flew by the seat of our pants, had absolutely no schedule, laughed each day from sunrise to sunset, and lived every moment to the fullest. There was so many incidences where our attitude could have ruined the situation we were in, but instead, we chose happiness- we chose to laugh- to take photos- and now we have the best stories to tell from it. I’m so glad my best friend chooses joy with me! 

We learned that playing “I spy” in the middle of the night while waiting 2 hours for the next train is the best way to keep yourself entertained when everything else is closed because you missed the only other train….
We learned that you can only drive so far on a “closed road” before it looks like you just might fall off the mountain and have to turn around…
We learned that when you totally guess what ferry you are supposed to be on because you can’t translate the schedules, it can sometimes take you on a little adventure!….
We learned that the waitresses can be very kind when one lent us her umbrella when we had to walk home in the rain…
We learned that when you cross the border to Switzerland, you better get the correct form of currency before trying to leave your parking garage!…
We learned that checking the hours for restaurants and gondola’s was overrated, and it was much more fun to just show up on our own terms and find a new adventure when you see the “closed” sign in the window….
We learned that the translation app on your cell phone is your best friend when ordering off menus you can’t read!
We learned that you should never order “Punch Rum” thinking that it’s “Rum Punch”…(seriously, save yourself)
We learned that driving up the same mountain 4 times on different roads trying to find our first bed and breakfast was just the best way to get the know the area and do some sightseeing… in the dark… 
We learned that when your plane has to make an emergency stop in Canada, you just soak in the fact that you get 2 extra hours to cuddle in on that plane to watch movies! 

All in all- our honeymoon was a dream. To go on an adventure with your best friend is the best thing for your soul. I look back at these pictures and smile and laugh, and my heart is so full of joy knowing that I am blessed enough to travel the world with this guy I call my husband.

These pictures are not perfect. They’re grainy, blurry, some are iPhone photos, and they’re not properly exposed or composed. They may not make a whole lot of sense to you, but to me, they mean the world. They make me laugh and smile. They make me remember so many good times and memories that otherwise may have faded in my mind if I hadn’t taken a photo. Here’s to a lifetime full of  many many more adventures! 

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