Closing Our Doors

Hey there! If you’re reading this, I am so grateful that you’ve stumbled upon my photography page! Whether you’re new here, or a previous client looking to book again, please read the announcement below!

After 11 years of wedding + portrait photography work, it is so bitter-sweet to say that we’re closing our doors at Kate Becker Photography so we can focus on our other businesses. Since opening my photography business at the age of only 19, we have followed our entrepreneurial spirits and launched several other businesses that we are now pursuing full time! (See the links below!) We also welcomed our baby girl into the world in October 2021! While the decision to close this chapter was hard, I feel peace knowing that God has guided our steps in this direction!

I want to say THANK YOU to each and every client who has trusted me to capture such special moments for them. From precious newborn sessions, to irreplaceable wedding day memories, I’ve had a front row seat into countless special moments of people’s lives. Photography has taken me all across the world, and I’ve met people and captured stories that humbled me to my core. 

I’m emotional as a scroll through my website one last time before taking all of the pages down to post this letter… it can be hard to let something go, but I trust that God will never stop providing, and my camera will always be right where I left it if I ever feel the urge to dust it off again. 😉





After 11 years in the photography industry, I have some amazing photographer friends that I would love to connect you with who would give you a similar experience!