S T U D I O  R E N T i n g

for photographers & videographers

We built our home in 2015, knowing that we would build in our own photography studio for portraits, commercial work, seniors, boudoir, you name it.  When it was all said and done, we decided that we wanted to share this beautiful light filled space with anyone who wants to use it to fuel their own creative fire! We are located in Corcoran MN, which is just outside of Maple Grove & 35 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. 

When you rent out our studio, you are able to use the rolling wall backdrop, all the furniture, and not to mention, the surrounding 36 acres that are full of tall grasses, trees, and beautiful landscape. It really is the perfect combination for outdoor and indoor space in one easy location. We have plenty of parking for multiple vehicles onsite,  a changing room for your clients' ease, and a beautiful combination of soft or direct light depending on what time you shoot. 

Also available for events or workshops! We look forward to sharing our space with you! 

2 hours: $75
4 hours: $145
8 hours: $295

2 hours: $100
4 hours: $200
8 hours: $400

** We do not offer rentals less than 2 hours. 

If you are not a professional photographer or videographer, and are just looking to contact me for photos, please inquire on the "connect" page! 

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