I'm here to give you some tips and tricks on how you can prepare for your senior session with me! I hope this puts your mind at ease -- because the entire session is going to be a blast!


With hair and makeup, I am always going to tell you to do whatever makes you feel amazing!! If you are planning to get it done by a stylist, do a trial beforehand to make sure you absolutely love it. I definitely suggest bringing a brush, comb, and some hairspray so we can deal with any flyaway hairs that might happen as we walk around outdoors. A lot of the time I shoot with the sun behind you, which makes those little baby hairs really visible! Also, don't be afraid to brush through your curls! I want you to be able to run your fingers through your hair and see movement in the wind! So while you can load up on the hairspray to make sure it stays, just be sure it's not a helmet either ;) 


What makes you feel amazing?! I always encourage people to keep it natural, and how you would normally do it. If you decide to go to a makeup artist, that's great and amazing and I support your decision, but at the end of the day, I want these photos to look like a beautiful representation of YOU! Foundation is always a good idea so that you get a nice even skin tone on your face. It'a also good to cover up any blemishes that you wish to hide in your photos. During the session, I suggest bringing some kind of powder or oil blotting sheets so you can touch up your makeup in-between outfits. On those warm summer days, faces can get a little shine to them that we don't want in photos!


This includes bra straps, panty lines, see through clothing, and what your wearing under a flowy skirt on a windy day (Hello, Marilyn Monroe!)! Make sure you try on every outfit in front of a mirror and move around in it a little bit to make sure all things are working for you! We don't want to see bra straps or be worried about hiding them the entire time, because this affects how comfortable you feel while posing! 


Think about where you will be changing! If you are doing a session at my studio,  this isn't an issue. But if we are roaming the streets or parks of Minneapolis, sometimes the best and only option we have for you to change is your vehicle. If you are concerned about this, I suggest bringing a blanket that someone could hold up or  hang over your windows. There may or may not be a bathroom in a public park or nearby coffee shop, so be prepared for that! Also, if you are planning on changing in a coffee shop while we are in the city, please be respectful of their business. Usually they don't appreciate people walking in off the street just to use their bathroom. Instead of being secretive about it- buy a drink, chat with an employee and let them know you may be in and out! They will usually be fine with it and appreciate your business and honesty!


Stay true to your personal style and wear what makes you feel beautiful. I feel that especially with my style of photography, casual is encouraged, but feel free to mix it up if you're feeling fancy! If you do decide to do a fancy look, I suggest that we don't do that in a park; those usually look best in an urban or studio setting. Please, refrain from wearing neon colors, or small patterns/stripes since these do not photograph well. 


To be completely honest, I wouldn't worry too much about what you wear on your feet! I focus on my subjects face in the pictures and often time feet don't make the cut, especially if we are in tall grasses. If you have killer shoes you want to show off, by all means, wear them! There are always times that I do full body poses with the feet, or times where you will see them when you're sitting. That being said, if you do have a pair of great shoes that you want to wear but are maybe uncomfortable, I encourage you to bring a pair of flip-flops or another walking shoe thats easy to slip on while we walk from one location to another.


Bring people who make you feel comfortable.. For me when I was a senior, this was my mom! For some girls, this is their sister, best friend, dad, or grandma. Bring someone who makes you feel like a rockstar and will help you make last minute decisions (These earrings, orrrrrr these ones?!)! I pride myself in being super relatable and approachable with all of my seniors, and I guarantee that you will have a fun, stress free time! Sometimes it can be a little bit intimating being watched having your picture taken, so if your friends and family want to tag along, I encourage them to stand back while we are shooting. This will make you the most comfortable and help you loosen up - instead of having all eyes on you!



  • Outfits.
  • Accessories (If you want!)
  • Shoes
  • Undergarments that work for each outfit.


  • An empty bag. That way, you can fill it with things that you might want to carry as we walk around a location such as hairspray, comb, touchup makeup, mirror, shoes, or an outfit change.
  • Mirror
  • Flip flops or comfortable slip ons to use while we walk
  • Hairspray and brush/comb
  • Oil blotting sheets or face powder
  • Lotion! (sometimes we forget how dry our legs are until we take off our jeans and put on a skirt!! hehe!)
  • Deodorant. (Hey, never hurts.)
  • Blanket for cover while changing
  • Chapstick, gloss, or lipstick