Bethany + Alex - Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

I adore this couple!!

If you can't recall Bethany and Alex's previous session with me last fall, let me remind you! It rained…. and rained… and RAINED! Bethany and Alex were such great sports about it. We had already rescheduled their session once, so we decided that rain or shine, I was going to make the drive up to Alexandria to capture their session. I started the 2 hour trip from Minneapolis and it was just gorgeous, I even remember tweeting about how excited I was that the weather was so beautiful. But the closer I got to Alexandria, the darker the clouds got, and soon enough, the rain was pouring down on my windsheild. We decided to take their photos in a local wine bar, their adorable home, and under any awning we could find around town! The pictures ended up turning out lovely, and so unique from any other session that I had done.

When Bethany decided that they did want a few sunny, warm, green, outdoor pictures before their wedding next month, I was totally on board! We met up at a beautiful park on their way home a couple weekends ago and captured a quick 15 minute session! It's amazing what you can do in 15 minutes. Can't wait to shoot their wedding in a couple short weeks!