what time will we shoot?

I will capture your session when the sun is low in the sky, so either in the morning or late in the evening! 

Where will we shoot?

The possibilities are endless. I am currently located  in the Maple Grove area, so a lot of my sessions take place on the west side of the metro, especially if you want wide open nature parks or beautiful outdoor scenery. Otherwise, we can shoot in the heart of Minneapolis on rustic city streets and urban locations with character. If you have any ideas or have a spot in mind with sentimental value to you, I would love to hear about it! We will work together to find a location that fits your personality and vision for your photos.


We will meet at a pre-determined location that we will shoot at. I will send you an address and time as we near your session date. If you have selected a package with more than one location, we will hop in our cars after taking photos at the first place and caravan to the next location! 


Minnesota weather is so unpredictable! If we scheduled your session outdoors and the weather doesn't cooperate, the most common thing to do at this point is to reschedule. At this point we will work together to scour our schedules for a date and time that works for all!


A non-refundable deposit will be made to save the date and time of your session. The rest of the payment is due either before the session, or at the session itself. If you are paying AT the time of the session, I please ask for cash or check. All checks can be written out to Kate Becker Photography, Inc. No photos or sneak peeks will be delivered until the full payment is made.

What should I wear?!

Glad you asked! I would suggest something that you can walk around a lot in, sit in if you need to, and something that you don't have to worry about constantly adjusting. For colors, many of my clients choose to keep a neutral, earth toned color pallet since my work compliments that well. Neutral colors also work well in people's homes when they display or hang the photos, because they  seem to work on any color wall or in any color frame! It's best to stay away from neon colors, small strips, or small busy patterns. Unfortunately, these do not photograph well. Feel free to bring multiple outfits, and if you need advice, I'd love to help once we are at the session and have a feel for the lighting and location! And just a little tip for you, if you are planning on wearing heels or fancy shoes, I suggest you bring along a pair of comfortable walking shoes or flip flops along too, since many of the best locations never occur right next to a parking lot, unfortunately! ;) Always be prepared to trek through forests or tall grasses when shooting with me!

How long does it take to get my photos back?

About 3  weeks  after your session, you will be receiving the link to your online gallery for download!

What is my end product AND How do I RECEIVE my photos?

High-res digital files are the way to go! I'm all about getting the photos to you fast, easy, and as SOON as I click save on the final image I am editing! This is why I share your photos with you via an online gallery where you get to download all of your photos at the touch of a button. From there, you get to save the photos to your computer, upload them to social media, share them with your friends and relatives, make CD's or flash drives to share, and print them how ever many times you want! You will receive a collection of edited images from your session about 2-4 weeks after we capture it!